My name is Marcella Toth, I am a London based freelance photographer, originally from Hungary. I love to observe the world as it goes by and I try to capture the mood of it.  It is sometimes cheerful, sometimes sad, but I always try to find the beauty of it. I am more of an observer type, I am fascinated by people. I am like old ladies in the countryside who are sitting in from of their houses and watching people. I am exactly like that, just in London.

In the beginning I was way to shy and scared to photograph people, so I was mainly did street photography, quite often at night time in London, when there was nobody on them. Street photography is still a great passion of mine. 

Lately I started to get out of my comfort zone more and more and photograph people. Friends first, of course, who needed some portraits done. I realised I really enjoy it and the main challenge is to make the person I photograph relaxed. So be prepared for my silly jokes! My favourite moment to capture when taking portraits just after someone laughed, their face has relaxed back to normal but you can still see the hint of the smile in their eyes. And you cannot fake that, so I am warning you again, expect lots of lots of silly jokes if you book a photo session with me. And a few cups of coffee, too.

If I still have not scared you away, then do get in touch with me and we can talk photography, prices and availability.

Meanwhile come and see the world through my eyes.